Mandy Bryant // artist + photographer

hello, dear!

My name is Mandy and I'm a photographer and maker from the rolling fields of rural Indiana. I've been making things since I was little, and began a photography career after 6 challenging years of art school. I opened my Etsy shop in 2009 while my two children, now 11 and 9, were napping.  My children are older, and so is my photography business. I have branched out to wholesale and consignment home decor and stock photography.  I also happily take on a limited number of weddings and portrait sessions each year.  

I make things because if I don't, my hands get bored and my brain hurts. Taking pictures feels like pure excitement and energy, and it keeps me centered. Looking through my viewfinder is like looking through a filtered reality where everything is romantic, like a storybook. That fantasy world way of thinking imprints on every picture I take.

If all the wedding and portrait photography you've seen doesn't quite click with your lovely, quirky, and totally special personality, then send me an email and let's chat about all the awesomeness we can make together!